Bottler, Contract Packer, Co-Packer

Palmetto Canning Co. has been in business since 1927. Our name is a bit of a misnomer, because we do not can any food products. This goes back to our early history when we canned tomatoes We now package products in glass or plastic (PET) anywhere from 5 oz to gallon sized containers. There are three basic types of contract packing: Toll, Full Service, and Hybrid.
  • Toll Packing - the client provides all packaging and ingredients and pays a per case toll charge for the packing of these components.
  • Full Service Contract Packing - the packer provides all of the ingredients and packing materials except for the label.
  • Hybrid - a combination of the two previously mentioned. The packer provides all the materials that are already on-hand and the client provides the rest.

Our client inquiries are broken down into three types:

1.) A client who wishes to have Palmetto Canning Co. manufacture a product (such as Soy Sauce)that we currently produce for others, under their own label. In this case please see the following pages:

2.) A client who has an existing food product that does NOT appear in the Product Types page or does not meet the minimum quantities criteria in the Customer Qualification page. In this case go to: 3.) A client who has a food product that they have invented. In this case, please go to the following pages:

Client Qualifications